Lightweight Acrylic Bathtub: A Guide

Decisions, decisions… Too bad nobody can make those for us. But don’t worry. When it comes to choosing the best option for your bathroom, we got you covered. That’s why today we bring a guide to lightweight acrylic bathtubs.

Lightweight Acrylic Bathtub: A Guide

One of the things we like most about acrylic bathtubs is that they are so versatile, they can meet any need of space, design, and functionality. All while being healthy for your pocket and your back. Or at least the back of whoever is going to install it.

But if you still need some help deciding if this is the right choice for you, then we are going to give you a guide, so you can become an expert on acrylic bathtubs.

lightweight acrylic bathtub

No Need to Break the Bank

An acrylic bathtub might cost a bit more than its sibling, the fiberglass bathtub, but it will last longer. Actually, the acrylic bathtub is reinforced with fiberglass, and that’s why they are so lightweight, but the acrylic part is what makes it stronger and because acrylic is a nonporous material, more durable, lasting up to 15 years.

Easy to Repair

The combination of acrylic and fiberglass makes these tubs quite resistant, but the surface still can chip, or scratch once in a while, repairing it is easy and affordable. It just takes an epoxy-like kit that you can get on any hardware store. It will include a coat to match the color of the acrylic tub. But you should ask the manufacturer of the tab you’ll get -if you decide you want a lightweight acrylic bathtub- because they usually make this kit to match the exact color of their tubs.

Heat Retention

Love taking long immersion baths, but are afraid to catch a cold? Don’t worry. Acrylic bathtubs will keep the water warm for a long period of time. This is thanks to its nonporous surface. Don’t know what that means? I’ll explain. Fiberglass is a porous material. This means that it absorbs water and that’s why a fiberglass bathtub is not as resistant as an acrylic bathtub. Fiberglass bathtub will lose their form with time because of water absorption. That’s the protection acrylic adds to fiberglass, making it still lightweight, and affordable. Thanks to acrylic, a non-porous material, there is no water absorption, and the heat is kept inside the tub.

You Can Give It Your Touch

Acrylic is such a malleable material, that you can give it the form and size you want and/or need. It doesn’t matter if you have a small space, need to accommodate someone with mobility issues, or just want to have a stylish bathtub, without jeopardizing your finances.

You will be able to have a bathtub that is right for you, the size you need, the functionality you require, and the color, and style you want, matching it with your bathroom’s decoration.

lightweight acrylic walk-in bathtub

Easy to Clean and Maintain

You don’t need any special products to clean an acrylic bathtub. Just use a nonabrasive cleaning product and a soft cloth or sponge, and you’ll be fine. You can even use baking soda, which is commonly used in house-cleaning routines, usually combined with vinegar or lemon.

Sprinkle some baking soda around the wet bathtub, let it rest for a few minutes, and remove it with the soft cloth or sponge mentioned before.

Just avoid using any product with acetone, since this will stain the acrylic.

And if you want to keep it looking new, use some automotive wax once or twice a year.


Did I mention acrylic bathtubs are lightweight? Because they are. Comparing it to its other sibling, the iron-cast tub, acrylic bathtubs weigh nothing. The weight of the bathtub is an important factor when you are thinking either of renewing or are building your home from scratch. The structure needed to support it won’t be the same whether you are doing a bathroom on the first floor or a superior floor. After all, it is one of the heaviest items in a house, and you need to have into consideration the final weight of the bath, plus water, and person to make the best choice for you and your project.

Now, even though we love acrylic bathtubs, and they are a popular option among homeowners, there are some things that you need to have into consideration to make sure your bathtub lasts for many years.

Easier to Scratch or Stain

Acrylic bathtubs, even though they aren’t as heavy as iron cast bathtubs, are quite resistant. But they still can scratch and stain. Still, fixing them is easy and affordable, and it can be completely avoided by cleaning them and doing do proper maintenance for this type of bathtub.

Lower Lifespan

It will last longer than fiberglass, but it will definitely not last as long as a cast iron tub. How long can you expect to have your acrylic bathtub? Around 10 to 15 years, which is still a long time without having to replace it.

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