How Much Does A Kitchen Designer Cost

Do you know what would be better than a homemade meal? Cooking a homemade meal for family and friends in your dream kitchen, and creating amazing memories in it. If you are ready to bring that dream into a reality, you might be wondering where to start, and a great place is hiring a specialized designer to create a project tailored to your taste, needs, and space. But how much does a kitchen designer cost? We’ll try to answer that in this post.

How Much Does A Kitchen Designer Cost?

Most independent kitchen designers charge between $65 and $250 per hour, or 10% to “0% or your total project cost. But if you are building your home, you probably have an architect on your side and he or she too will help you to design your kitchen.

What it is for sure is that if you are doing a big remodel, you should avoid taking your kitchen decoration project on your own.

Think that designing a kitchen is not just about leaving it pretty and stylish for you to feel in a cooking TV show. You will need to make it functional, so everything is at hand when cooking, and leaving fridge, cooktop, and sink close to each other, there is plumbing to deal with for the dishwasher and sink, and you also need to have in mind all the appliances that you either have or are going to buy, and how to introduce them to support that functionality we first mentioned. Having into consideration that kitchen appliances are electric. All of that inside whatever space you have available.

As you can see, there is a lot more to kitchen design than just targeting your good taste. So let’s see what a kitchen designer does and what you will be paying for.

What Do You Pay For When Hiring a Kitchen Designer?

Design Concept

This is where everything comes together… on paper or screen.

Remember when we talked about taste, need, space and functionality. The Kitchen Designer will ask you about a lot of things. For example, How often do you —or the official family chef— cooks, what do they typically use, if you have any special need or desire for your kitchen, what materials and colors you love, and which ones are a no-no for you, etc.

With all that information, the kitchen designer will create a design concept and show it to you in a rendered design. You will be able to see an image of how it will really look once the project is over, and you can suggest changes or approve it.

Work With Your Budget

The good thing about hiring a professional is that they know what is going on in the kitchen world, what is worth investing in —especially considering your needs, taste, space, and functionality— and how to get the most out of what you can spend. So, having a kitchen designer on your back can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and save some money and time to use on something else.

how much does a kitchen designer cost

Provide Their Knowledge on Product, Finishes, and Materials

There are two types of Kitchen Designers: The Do-It-All Designers and the “I Know Where To Buy What You Need” Designers. If you go with one of the designers who make every cabinet of their design, they will know where to get the best materials to create whatever you need, and how to give it all their love to make sure they last a lifetime. The same is true if your designer is the buying type. He or she will know the best manufacturers and designs that will combine quality, functionality, and style.

They Are Up-To-Date With All The Local Regulations

Since your kitchen works with electricity, flammables, and water, there are going to be some regulations to comply with within your city or state. Now you might not know them —nor you are obligated to know them—, but you do need to have them in mind if you want your home to be approved. Your Kitchen Designer will not only be familiar with these regulations, but they will make sure the project complies with it through and through.

We Help You Design Your Kitchen For Free

As a remodeling company, we don’t charge you for your kitchen design, we will only charge you for the actual service of making your old kitchen your all new dream kitchen.

You heard it right, we offer all the benefits of having a designer, with nothing of the price. So, if you are ready to take the next step, our experts can go to your home to measure and understand what you need and expect of your perfect kitchen.

We are well-prepared to create the perfect design for you, and bring it to your kitchen with premium materials, custom or semi-custom cabinets, unlimited design options, and premium hardware brands. Just call us at +1 (941) 307 9847 and schedule your visit, free of charge. 

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