How much do Bathtub Liners cost?

If you’ve ever wanted to do a bathroom remodel, you might have wondered what to do with your bathtub. This is truly a big deal, it’s a place that needs to be hygienic, safe and beautiful for you to take that relaxing bath after work. But a new bathtub is expensive.

There is so much breaking, plumbing and mess when it comes to replacing your tub that gets anyone unmotivated. That way, changing your bathroom turns into an expensive task, no matter how cheap the new bathtub is. So what can you do to remodel your bathroom without all these problems?

A bathtub liner may seem a great option, looks easy to install, maintain and doesn’t take a whole week of construction to change the looks of your whole shower! But is the cost really worth it? Keep reading to learn more!

What is a bathtub liner?

It is basically a case for your tub! If your tub is stained, scratched, chipped or even broken, a liner can fix it all up. It consists of sheets of PVC or acrylic, molded into the shape of your already existing tub and then glued on top of it to seal it down.

It can be just the bathtub that needs a liner, but if your walls are also damaged, you can combine the tub with the shower liner, improving even more your bathroom style! This way, you can have a completely transformed bathroom in just a few steps.

How much do Bathtub Liners cost?

Bathtub liners, including the shower liner, can cost from $800 to $1800, plus the installation, which is a simple one, only gluing it over the existing tub. Even with a wide variety of colors and patterns, the price doesn’t differ so much. But the shape and width of the existing tub may affect the price, as it needs to fit perfectly.

While a new bathtub alone can cost from $500 to $4000, plus the installation, plumbing and materials for the tile replacement, and all the construction mess involved. In the end, a new bathtub will always require much, much more time and money.

How to install a bathtub liner?

Once you decide to leave the mess of a new tub behind, and choose your bathtub liner provider, the process will go something like this:

  • The company will send a team to precisely measure each corner of your tub
  • Then, the measurements will be sent to the fabric so a liner in the exact mold of your tub can be made
  • A team of specialists will be sent to your house to install and finish your liners in less than a day

See? All you have to do is watch as your new transformed bathroom appears before your eyes.

Are bathtub liners easy to mantain?

Yes. Acrylic is easy to clean, with no dirty grouts or mold to worry about. A simple damp towel is enough to clean the walls. For the tub, a mixture of baking soda and warm water will do the job, preventing stains and bacteria.

This is a non-porous material, meaning that mold is a thing of the past. With acrylic, you don’t have to worry about colors fading or yellow stains.

Does it leak? No. But water can get between the liner and the tub if the sealant isn’t applied right. Also, it is as easy to install, as it is to replace.

Can you DIY?

I know, it might seem like a way to save some money, since it looks like it is just something glued over. But no. You will need a professional plumber, there is the tap, shower head, knobs and a lot of other stuff that, if not replaced, needs to be taken out and reinstalled again!

With a professional team, you can be sure that there will be no leaks and no damage to the products, and the job will also be done way sooner. By the end of the day, you’ll have your shower and tub back and more beautiful than ever!

Where to find quality affordable bathtub liners?

You don’t have to look far to find what you need. Affordable Shower is an exclusive distributor of BCI Acrylics and bathroom remodeling company in Sarasota. We believe that a beautiful and worry free bathroom is possible, and affordable!

Be sure that with our lifetime warranty, you’ll be in the bathroom of your dreams in less than a day! We guarantee that our products won’t chip, dent or break so your bathroom can be a relaxing place again.

Contact our team of specialists to know the real advantages that liners can do to your home. Get a free quote on your new bathroom!

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