8 ideas for affordable bathroom upgrades

Anyone who wants to add value to their home for selling it, usually ends up remodeling the kitchen. However, after the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important room in the house when it comes to adding value. Think about it yourself: when you are looking at a house to buy, what are the rooms you value the most? So, check out this list of affordable bathroom updates that can increase the value of your home.

Creating a bathroom that reflects your own style is a must when it comes to renovations. It is one of the main goals of the bathroom update project. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you have to do it. There are specific updates that are worth the investment and others that can be overlooked.

Let’s check the list for affordable bathroom updates

Change The Mirror

Old mirrors, rust-stained or peeling mirrors can be terrible for those who are looking to update the bathroom and enhance the value of their home. Modern mirrors with unusual cuts and without frames can help the space look more modern instantly. They don’t cost much and help transform the room.

Get rid of outdated textures

In the past it was very common to use textured walls and ceilings in the bathroom, which is very outdated nowadays and makes the space look tacky. The truth is that anything that looks dated can indicate a lack of effort in updating the bathroom. And while some people like the retro look, some things simply devalue the property.

Choose inexpensive tiles or planks:

One of the best places to save money when you are redoing your bathroom is when it comes to buying the walls. There are many choices of materials for that these days that are both beautiful and inexpensive. By buying in quantity and with cash, you can still get a special discount.

Carefully select tiles

If you have fallen in love with a tile that is more expensive and you will not be able to buy in quantity, use it to make some nice and interesting detail inside the shower stall or around the sink.  There is no point in going over budget when the whole point of the effort is to make affordable bathroom updates.

Increase the storage space

We don’t always think about the storage room in the bathroom and the result of this is usually a lot of glasses of hygiene and beauty products cluttering up the space. So think about that when you’re making bathroom upgrades. A cabinet under the sink or some shelves over the toilet can make a huge difference.

But be careful when drilling into walls to install cabinets and shelves so as not to damage the plumbing, which will create the need for a much larger and costly remodel!

Consider a transparent glass shower:

Especially in small bathrooms, a transparent glass box can make all the difference. After all, not having anything obstructing the view makes the space seem visually larger. In addition, a bathroom with a shower stall tends to be more valued than one with a curtain.

Add decorative items in a non-permanent way

When it comes to updating a room to increase its value, this usually indicates a desire to sell the property. Therefore, it is worth creating a decoration with clean, simple elements and with neutral colors.

But since a property may take a while to be sold, using items that make the space personalized can create a greater feeling of warmth, making you feel more at home in the space. Decorative accessories usually do not add value to the space, but they are what make everything more interesting and beautiful.

Invest in quality products

It is a mistake to think that by buying the most expensive items, you will have high quality and durability. There are very good, affordable products that will last for many years without you having to break your budget. Items that are used a lot should be of high quality in order to have a very long life.

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