Where Can You Buy A Bath Liner?

You are back from a hard day at work. Or perhaps your house and family demanded all of you, plus a little more. But you made it. It’s the end of the day, the work’s done, the kids are sleeping, and your peace and order are finally in your home.

You know you deserve a little time to rest, to pamper yourself, and what could be better than taking a relaxing bath in your tub? Too bad that your bathroom’s look doesn’t inspire relaxation and ease.

It seems that it’s time to give your bath a new look.

Now, you could call a constructor, and go on a full, messy, and lengthy remodel of your bathroom, or you could go with a simpler, faster, budget-friendly solution: buy a bath liner. But if you have no idea where you could get them, here you will find all your options to get your bath the makeover it desperately needs.

Where Can You Buy A Bath Liner?

Since bath Liners are more accessible and easier to install than making a remodel, you can actually get them in home improvement stores, online stores, or ask for a service provider to make you a custom liner for your bath.

Every alternative has its pros and cons, so let’s analyze them.

Buy a Bath Liner on a Home Improvement Store

There are two people in this world —and you cannot get to know them based on food: Home improvement store lovers and home improvement store haters. If you are part of the first group then, of course, this option is a massive pro, unless you consider all the distractions you will get when entering the store and walking aisle after aisle of home renewal and decoration stuff.

Buy a Bath Liner Online

If you, on the other hand, belong to the second group, then you don’t need to suffer going through a home improvement store. You can simply open your favorite web browser, and buy online.

Bath liners already work with what you already have in place. Since it’s just a layer you put over your bath and/or walls, you can get them from many stores, install them yourself, and be done in 24 hours. But if you choose the wrong liner, you could face future leakage problems, and you will probably not have many options to choose from.

That’s why the third option might be the better one.

Contract a Specialized Service Provider

This will imply that a service provider with all the knowledge, experience, and tools to install a bath liner, would come to your house, make all the necessary measuring, offer you all the options for your bath liner, which will make your bath a custom bath you will love, and install it in less than 24 hours. 

No matter if you prefer to go with one of the first two options, or if you will call a professional, take a look at the process for installing a bath liner.

Process For Installing A Bath Liner

Measure Your Bath

There are many types and sizes of bath liners, so you want to get the measures right. This is what you need to do:

  • Length and Width: Measure from one outer end to the other.
  • Height: Measure from the floor, to the highest end of your bathtub.
  • Inner dimensions: Your tape needs to rest in the deepest part of your bathtub and go to the overflow point.

The point of measuring your bath is to get the right liner, so no water gets between your older tub and your bath liner, which will eventually cause issues and shorten your bath liner lifespan, as well as cause other problems that may affect you and your families safety.

Remove Drains, Faucets, and Handles

To work properly and ensure an easier installation process.


If there are any cracks or chips, these should be fixed before the liner is installed.

Use Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol is used on all your bath surface to get rid of any impurities and make it ready for the adhesive.

Placing the Adhesive

The thing that will make your liner stick to your bath is actually a combination of butyl tape and silicone adhesive. Use it on all the surfaces of where you are going to attach the liner.

Attach the bath liner

Finally, the moment has arrived. Put your liner in place and make sure it fits perfectly. Otherwise, it might last less than it should.

Put Handles, Drains, and Faucets Back in Place

This is your last step to get your new bathroom in less than 24 hours. Connect everything again, and you are done.

But if you really want to make sure that the whole installation runs smoothly, and even get a preview of how your bath will look with your new liner before you give a dime, you can ask for our professionals to make an in-home demonstration, where you will be able to choose between over 200 looks for your bath and get the perfect makeover you always wanted.

If you live in Sarasota or nearby, we are ready to assist. Request your free quote.

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