Affordable bathroom mirrors: everything you need to know before buying one

Mirrors are known for being an expensive feature that, although they can make a room feel bigger and lighter, can be too hard to deal with. So for some people, there isn’t much sense to put effort into choosing a mirror for the bathroom. But the right mirror can completely change the looks and feels of your bathroom. And it doesn’t even have to be expensive! 

Mirrors can change the way we see ourselves. That’s why we can sometimes feel better in store mirrors, and don’t feel comfortable with the one in our homes. It all depends on the lighting and position of it. So it doesn’t only affect our decorations but also our self-esteem. 

Speaking of decorations. It can be really hard to find a mirror that matches the style of the room, is beautiful and really makes a difference to the space. And it still fits in the budget. 

So, we made this article to help you find the best mirror for your bathroom! Here’s everything you need to know about bathroom mirrors. 

But first, why are mirrors so expensive? 

Have you ever seen a tutorial on how to make a mirror frame? But how about how to make a mirror itself? Well, mirror manufacturers are quite hard to find, thus adding value to it. It’s true that frameless mirrors can be cheaper, and that is because the frame itself can be really expensive. 

The details, the material and the weight of the frame are values to be added to the price, as well as the type of glass used in the process. Bathroom mirrors are no excuse, their price can be even higher due to safety matters. When you buy a mirror, you buy more than one product! So choose wisely. 

6 affordable types of bathroom mirrors 

Framed Mirrors 

These are probably the most common type of mirror. There can be lots of colors, shapes and sizes to decide from. Most are easy to hang as they already come with a support to put on a nail, the only thing to worry about might be the weight. The most affordable frames can be of light materials, but prefer the plastic ones to avoid mold. 

Frameless Mirrors

These may be the less expensive ones, because the frame can certainly add more value to it. Bet on the variety of shapes to give it the highlight it needs to your bathroom. You also won’t have to worry about the materials of the frame getting moldy, just be careful to pick a tempered glass (more about it down the page). 

Vanity Mirrors 

If your focus is makeup, this can be perfect for you. A good vanity mirror takes off the weight of making sure your mirror is at the right height. They are not very expensive and can be found even at some makeup stores. This might be the choice if you don’t want to let any blind spots pass! 

Cabinet Mirrors 

A mirror can add value to a space by not only being beautiful but by being functional! Cabinet mirrors come in various styles, and can help you by giving you the space you need for those medicines and creams to be at the reach of your hand. 

Ledge Mirrors 

These can open space to keep your day-to-day items, such as perfumes, and also serve as a place for decorations like plants and more! 

Captain Mirrors 

A trend that is here to stay! As well as being in a different shape than regular ones, this rounded mirror comes with a strap that makes it possible to hang on a wall and give a rustic feeling to its surroundings. 

Can you use ordinary mirrors in the bathroom? 

No! This is a place that is often wet, and it’s kept closed most of the time, so is full of moisture. A regular mirror, including its frame, can’t hold up that much humidity. 

The backing of the mirror can break, and if you don’t notice it, it can fully break into shards. That is why some states have a regulation to be followed. The tempered glass is requested in places like the bathroom, so if it breaks, it won’t cause you much damage. This type of glass breaks into a lot of rounded pieces that are less probable to hurt or cut you. It might not be the cheapest one, but it is not that expensive either. 

After a steaming shower, there is a very low probability that you will be fully clothed when standing right in front of your mirror. So safety first, right?

How to clean a mirror? 

This can be hard for even the more experienced housekeeper. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you will always end up with that streak aspect. So here is a quick tutorial on how to get a clean streak every time. 

1. If there is any debris on the mirror, scrub them with rubbing alcohol and a cloth. 

2. Spray the mirror with a good glass cleaner. 

3. Using a “S” motion and a microfiber cloth, wipe from top to bottom. Make sure to reach all the edges. And that’s it! 

See? With the right mirror bathroom, a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner, your mirror will stay by your side for ages! 

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