Acrylic vs Cast Iron Bathtub: Which is the best for you?

There is no feeling that can compare to when you come home from a stressful day at work to take that warm and cozy bath. Your bathtub is surely the best companion for some “me time”, enabling you to relax and let the water take all the problems away.

A bathtub is a long-term purchase, and it’s probably going to be around when you’ll have fun playing in the bath with your kids, relaxing with yourself or even with a partner. So it needs to be able to handle all of that and still look good and be easy to maintain.

If you’re either remodeling your bathroom, repairing, or buying your first bathtub you’re probably wondering what is the most cost-efficient type of bathtub. Since Cast Iron bathtubs, the common choice, can be quite expensive and hard to install and repair.

In your search, you’ve probably found a lot of types, and we bet cheap acrylic ones caught your eyes. Well, if you’re still wondering what is the difference between Acrylic and Cast Iron tubs, keep reading to find out what is the best for you!

First, when should you replace your bathtub?

This is something that is used daily, so it must be comfortable, clean and safe! If you notice any of the following, consider replacing it for your own health and safety:

  • Leaks
  • Cracks
  • Mold

Stains might also be something to look out for, if it’s giving you too much trouble to get it clean, maybe you should consider changing it. Keep in mind that your tub must be something easy and comfortable to use, if for some reason it’s not, replace it, you deserve better!

Acrylic vs Cast Iron Bathtub

Let’w talk about all the ways these two options are different and their pros and cons.


Cast Iron bathtubs are known for their durability and their high price. They’re made by pouring iron into molds, after they cool and harden they are often coated with enamel and fire polished to look smooth and clean.

They are extremely heavy and need to be placed over a reinforced floor, so they are not appropriate for higher levels of the house.  It’s almost impossible to crack or dent this tub on a daily basis, but when you do, the repair will be hard and expensive. They are estimated to last from 15 to 20 years, but can last longer with care.

Acrylic tubs are reinforced with fiberglass, so they can be resistant to cracking and chipping, and since this is a non-porous material, mold and leaks are not a problem at all. They are estimated to last from 10 to 15 years, but can always last more. As they are synthetic and lightweight, they can be placed anywhere in the house and don’t need any floor reinforcement. If repairs are needed, they’ll be easy and quick.

You also don’t have to choose that old and boring white, that with time can stain to a dirty yellow. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, so you can style it to your taste and really transform your bathroom!

Costs and maintenance

Cast Irons can be really expensive when you add up. Their value is at least 3 times higher than the acrylic ones, plus the floor reinforcement, and frame around it. They are more prone to mold but are not harder to clean. These bathtubs must be cleaned weekly with water, soap and a soft sponge or cloth. This will be enough to prevent stains and other problems.

The acrylic bathtubs are very durable but can stain easier, especially if they’re white. But using baking soda and warm water to clean it will make them last longer with ease! Their lightweight and flexible material is synthetic, making them a lot cheaper. And you don’t need to change anything about your bathroom, they typically come with their own frame when needed.

Installing your tub

A cast iron bathtub, as we’ve previously mentioned, is heavy and requires a lot of preparation of work to be installed. So that will take you more time away from the bathroom. With lots of breaking and demolishing, that will probably produce a lot of noise too. More time equals more money spent on installation. Is the vintage look really worth it?

A acrylic bathtub can be installed in less than a day with lifetime warranty. And you have a wide range of designs to choose from. With our team of experts, we can make remodel your whole bathroom with no demolition mess!

Don’t deal with reinforcing the floors and all the expenses of buying a cast iron bathtub. Spend that money and effort into a simpler, quicker and cheaper way to bring your dreams to life!

Have a glance of your future bath. Click here to have a free quote of your new bathroom and an in-home demonstration!

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