6 Questions About Acrylic Bathrooms Answered

So you want a modern, stylish bathroom, but don’t have a superstar budget? Well, you don’t have to worry because you don’t have to specifically bring limestone to create your marble floor and walls, nor ask for a loan to buy that dreamy bathtub you always wanted.

In fact, getting that stunning look you picture in your mind might be much simpler and budget-friendly if you choose acrylic to renovate your bathroom. But just to make sure you know what part acrylic plays in your bathroom, let’s talk acrylic bathrooms.

What Are Acrylic Bathroom Systems?

Have you ever seen a Frankenstein home? You know, these places where you have a bit on x style, another bit on y style, and just another one of z.

Of course, the home itself is not the real Frankenstein, just like in the book these homes are the victims of a decoration-troubled mind. It is the people who dared to make such mixes in the first place, who are to blame for such monstrosities.

Well, your bathroom is not exempt from these scary tendencies. In fact, it might be even more susceptible to them since chances are you got the bathroom the way it is, and now you have to try and make it your own. So you mix the existing inherited style, with what you have. See? A Frankenstein of interior design.

“But how do I avoid this? A complete bathroom remodel costs a fortune,” you might say.

Not necessarily. Now is when an Acrylic Bathroom system comes in handy. This system supports on acrylic, its versatility, and good looks to do a complete makeover from head to toes —or ceiling to floor— without you having to sell a kidney in the process.

Are Acrylic Bathrooms Durable?

You can bet they are. One of the problems traditional bathrooms have, like those made with tiles and porcelain is that they crack and chip. But acrylic is built in such a way that they are highly resistant to suffer these types of accidents. Besides, they don’t lose their color and are resistant to stains. And if they ever do stain or need a repair, doing so is really easy.

Are Acrylic Bathroom Panels and Liners Water-Resistant?

The waterproof level of acrylic panels might vary, but most probably, those around the areas such as your sink and bathtub or shower are going to be 100% water-resistant, while those in other areas of your bathroom might not be completely water-resistant, but will have some kind of protection against moisture.

Fixtures such as bathtubs are certainly waterproof, after all, they will be holding gallons and gallons of water for years to come.

And the best part, since acrylic is a non-porous material, you won’t get bacteria moving in with you and finding their own home in your bathroom.

Tell the Truth, How Messy Is It to Install Acrylic?

Messy? Messy would be if you would have to rip off all your old tiles, get rid of all that dust and dirt, most of it containing construction material, which is not good for your health, to bring in the new small and fragile tiles and place them in its place. Acrylic is quite simple, and straightforward:

  1. Prepare the surface by cleaning with soapy water or vinegar and water solution and a soft cloth.
  2. Add adhesive.
  3. Put the panels or liners in place.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Enjoy your bathroom.

How Long Will the Remodeling Take?

While with tile and porcelain you might be waiting a few weeks to get a remodel done. With acrylic, the process is quite fast. You could get your new bathroom in just a day. And what is more, you have so many options to choose from, it will actually blow your mind. Colors to accentuate, patterns that will look just like marble or even tile, if you like the looks of it, of course, but without spending as much as you would with the real thing.

How Do I Know If I Will Like the Result?

Anyone would get nervous when blind-buying. That is completely normal. But you can get the real feel and even have a preview of how your bathroom with look like at the end of the remodel before you move a finger.

At Affordable Shower we use the Build Your Bath™ software, so you can design your dreamed bathroom from the +200 designs we offer. And the only thing you need to do is schedule a free in-home demonstration with our staff. A representative will go to your house, free of charge, show you our samples and help you see what you could have at home with our acrylic solutions. 

If you live in Sarasota or nearby, don’t hesitate to schedule a free design consultation.

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